Settlement, Subsidence and Heave

Our underpinning procedure using the traditional method:

Traditional underpinning, the mass concrete underpinning method is nearly 100 years in age and the protocol has not changed. This underpinning method strengthens an existing structure's foundation by digging pits by hand underneath and sequentially pouring concrete in a strategic order. The result is a foundation built underneath the existing foundation.

After this, dry pacing us done between the new concrete and the old footings.

This underpinning method is generally applied when the existing foundation is at a shallow depth, but works well up to 50ft (15m) deep. The method has not changed since its inception with its use of hand tools such as shovels and post hole diggers. Heavy machinery is not employed in this method due to the small size of the boxes being dug. There are several advantages to using this method of underpinning, including the simplicity of the engineering, the low cost of labour and the continuity of the structure's use during construction.

Once stabilised, the above ground works can begin. Replacing lintels, brickwork and render.